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homeHello, and welcome to my home page. The photo is of my three precious granddaughters and myself, Avery is 20 and in college, Zoe is 17 and a senior, Phoebe is 13 and goes to middle school. They are literally the air I breathe and the wind beneath my wings.  The girls are the inspiration for my upcoming book titled, Windows of the World, a coming of age text full of wisdom for young people venturing out into the world. This photo reflects our oneness and our singularity, and it captures the themes in Deregulating God.


….We are the result of one another, the outcome of our mutuality, the aggregate and the composite of all that has taken place in our environment. We are not merely essential to the other; truly, we are the other.

You see roots throughout the website and on the book cover.  I find these particular roots to be a perfect metaphor for humanity. Throughout the Mojave Desert thousands of Creosote bushes sit on its sandy floor. Now, imagine pushing your hand far into the ground, and discovering the magic of just one humongous root meandering and crisscrossing that whole desert, shooting up all these little bushes, all with the same DNA.  What we see on the desert’s surface is just an illusion. There are not thousands of separate plants in the Mojave, there is only one, and this is man’s story precisely.   There are six and a half billion of us on earth striving to experience our separate lives, yet rooted by soul as we are, we are just one.  The ways of the Creosote guided me across these 360 pages.